Our Story

photo: Jessica Kourkounis

Girls Can Tell gift co. began with little gifts I made for my friends - I was doing a lot of fun little doodles, and taught myself to screen print my illustrations on to useful things that I thought people would like. I was still working for an architecture firm at the time (and was admittedly pretty tired of drawing roof flashing details). In early 2006, I began selling my work online as Girls Can Tell, and in 2007, I left the field of architecture and accepted a position working for (then startup) etsy.com, as part of their community management team. By early 2009, I decided to take the leap and pursue my growing line of printed gifts full time, and Girls Can Tell gift co. took on a life of its own. 

January 2016 marked the tenth anniversary of Girls Can Tell gift co. So much has happened in the past decade that it would have been impossible to predict what those first few illustrations ultimately created. 

 In 2013, I was so enamored of the many small businesses and local boutiques that were supporting Girls Can Tell gift co. through their wholesale orders that I opened my own brick & mortar in South Philadelphia, Occasionette. You can find the entire line of Girls Can Tell gift co. products at Occasionette, as well as hundreds of other cards and gifts. 

Girls Can Tell gift co. items are printed by hand just over the bridge in Camden, NJ by a team of expert printers. We source our materials as responsibly as possible, and new illustrations are introduced a few times a year to keep things fresh. Please don't hesitate to contact me via email (sara@girlscantell.com) with any questions at all - I'm always happy to help. And follow along with @girlscantell on instagram to see what's on the drawing board! 


What is Girls Can Tell?

Girls Can Tell is a line of gifts + homewares created by Sara Selepouchin, featuring her original diagram illustrations. What was once just an online shop has grown into a full line of products, available in boutiques, museum shops, and national stores, as well as at Occasionette, a boutique curated by Sara and the Occasionette team, featuring the entire line of Girls Can Tell gifts.

Where are Girls Can Tell wares printed?

Girls Can Tell wares are all printed in the US, with most items printed locally (to Philadelphia) by hand.

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Do you sell wholesale?

Yes! Please take a moment to check out the wholesale information page.

Do you take custom orders?

Sometimes! Drop us a line and we can chat.

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I have this great idea for a new diagram that you haven't done yet. Can you print it?

Awesome! And maybe! You're welcome to email us with ideas for new diagram designs you'd like to see, although we can only include a handful of new designs into the line each season.

Where does the name Girls Can Tell come from?

It's just the name of the album Sara was listening to most when she was teaching herself to screenprint. She thought it was a catchy name, and it stuck. As luck would have it, that album is still pretty great. The band is Spoon.

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What's the deal with Occasionette?

Occasionette is a retail gift boutique on East Passyunk Avenue. You can find every single Girls Can Tell item there, as well as a lovely, curated selection of awesome gifts from other makers around the country, including ceramics, jewelry, stationery, art prints, artisanal junk food (yum!), kitchen gifts, candles, and anything else Sara takes a liking to. 

How long has Sara been doing this?

Sara has been making technical drawings since about 7th grade (that's what happens when you want to be an architect when you grow up - you take lots of mechanical drawing classes), and has been selling handmade things as Girls Can Tell since January 2006.

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Can I get one of your designs on a tee shirt?

Maybe! We’re working on including tee shirts into our offerings.

Can you teach me everything there is to know about screenprinting?

That's what the internet is for! Also, don't discount the value of trial and error.

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How many people work for Girls Can Tell?

Sara runs the show, and has an awesome team of gift experts at Occasionette. Screenprinting and other logistics are handled by Adam and his gang of printing arms in Camden, NJ.